Fly Musiq

Fly Musiq

FLY Musiq a multi-talented, soulful, and lyrically gifted Atlanta native, was born on a beautiful summer day into a world that cultivated her musical growth. An artist since the age of 5, she experienced a plethora of musical genres throughout her upbringing. Her experiences have granted her the ability to float gracefully between hip hop and soul, crafting a sound that is uniquely hers. FLY credits Lauryn Hill, Marvin Gaye, Tupac, Common, Nas, and OutKast for influencing the sound of her music.

Her name comes from her passion and desire to share the message of faith, love, & youth, hence her name– FLY. Her purpose is to deliver music that penetrates and restores the soul. She desires to express her love for God, life, and people through her music. FLY humbly released her first EP, ‘Epiphany Sky,’ in February 2012. ‘Epiphany Sky’ fused sultry-soulful jazz inflected lyrics over subtle, yet vibrant, hip-hop grooves and received positive feedback from acclaimed figures in the music industry.

FLY’s second EP, ‘Optical Muse’, was released in January 2013 and gained rave reviews among listeners. The lead single and video, ‘Beautiful,’ serves as the theme song for her “Redefine Beautiful” campaign, which seeks to take a stand against molestation and to encourage youth to discover and embrace the beauty within them.

In June 2013, FLY published her first book, “Recognize Your Fly,” a book focused on helping individuals identify what they were born to accomplish and who they are destined to reach. FLY also is a highly sought after motivational speaker, who has spoken to over 30, 000 youth in the southeastern region.

Thousands have been moved by FLY’s live performances. She’s had the esteemed honor of performing at Coretta Scott King’s 85th Birthday Celebration/Freedom Concert and at many other historic Atlanta venues and events. FLY has recently been featured in B.O.S.S. Magazine. In the Fall of 2014, FLY won the Canton Jones Youth Award.
FLY has teamed up with One Billion Rising, a global initiative to end violence against women. She and Sam Collier penned the song ‘Rising’ and released a music video for the track as a tribute to the women and girls affected by violence. On Valentine’s Day 2013, the two performed the song for over 20,000 people at the Georgia State Capitol as a part of the organization’s One Billion Rising Day.

As an actress, she has performed in several stage plays, including ‘The Almighty,’ ‘True Love,’ ‘Are You My Daddy?’ and ‘ACT II.’ Always committed to reaching the masses with her message, FLY has appeared on Fox Atlanta, Atlanta Live and TBN. FLY has also had the honor of being a facilitator for two years, with the King Center’s N.O.W. Encounter, a Youth Kingian Nonviolence Camp and is a core leader of No Losing, Inc.

While FLY continues to grow as an artist, her success is not exclusive to music and acting as she exhibits her ability to captivate audiences through her abilities as a savvy businesswoman She is the founder of FLYMusiq Group LLC and FLY Spirit Inc., as well as the co-founder of Love Redefined LLLP. FLY Spirit is a youth mentoring program that empowers young people to “FLY” above all obstacles.

Even with such an extensive resume’ that spans the business, acting, music, speaking, and nonprofit worlds, FLY refuses to rest on her laurels. October 2013 will see the release of FLY’s third EP entitled ‘Evolution FLY’, which she describes as a musical biography of her life’s struggles and victories. On the same day of her album release, she will also release ‘Redefine Beautiful’, the masterfully written follow-up to her first book ‘Recognize Your Fly’ that encourages people to abandon their skewed definitions of beauty and see themselves through the eyes of the only one that really matters – God.

Residue, FLY Musiq’s third book, teaches women how to lay aside the insecurity, guilt and wounds of their past sexual relationships and embrace the love that God has for them. Through her personal experiences, she’s able to share with women the keys to recognizing their worth and starting fresh on the path to fulfilling God’s amazing plan for their lives. She also created a women’s anthem with Angelina Sherie about letting go of all residue, which is entitled Residue. Both products are scheduled to release at the top of 2015.

And because FLY’s passion for people knows no bounds, she will soon be extending her message of faith, love, & youth to the arena of visual arts with her forthcoming ‘FLYTASTIC’ comic book series. While the concept of having a female character at the forefront of a comic empire is virtually unheard of, ‘FLYTASTIC’ will show the world that love is a powerful force that makes all things possible.


Learn more about Fly Musiq at or follow her on Instagram @flymusiq

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