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Kendrick, Bey, the Dragging Fest, & the Think-piece Machine

Originally posted at JadeTPerry.com, used with author's permission On February 6th, 2016, Queen Bey released her latest (and in my opinion, most epic and socially conscious) video, 'Formation'. Suffice it to say that I was hype! Beyonce was making a statement. Her video was simultaneously a celebration of Black life & joy, a cry out against police brutality, a nod...

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Artistic Recognition is Deeper Than #TeamJada or #TeamJanet

There has been quite a bit of buzz about the 2016 Oscars. Yet it's a trend that is all too familiar. Academies and institutions that are responsible for awarding and rewarding creative and performing artists have consistently and largely ignored the contributions of people of color in the arts. Although our platform explicitly addresses music, our...

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#D2LAL Launches Music Heals Live Sessions

On August 9, 2015, Destined to Leave a Legacy Management and Marketing Consulting, more popularly known as #D2LAL started their Music Heals Live Sessions. These sessions were conceptualized by the CEO and Founder of D2LAL, Donna Marie, to inform and to raise awareness about Suicide Prevention. In the video below, Donna Marie explains the premise of...

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Soundtrack for Social Justice

One of the chief goals of Music Makes Me Happy includes "raising awareness about the positive effects of using music to inspire social change". Today, I'm thinking about all of the social justice issues that are in our country and in our world. Many of our readers have spent the year embarking on advocacy work within various systems...

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Music Memories Recaptured

Music lovers around the world will agree that music can play a big part in childhood memories.  You can hear an old song on the radio and instantly start reminiscing about where you were when that song came out and how much it meant to you at that time. A song can hold precious memories...

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