When different becomes hard to come by in the music industry every artist must define what sets themselves apart from the norm. Whether lyrical genius or a vocal sinatra JJ DAE embodies the evolution of music from

Southern soul to new age alternative with hints of urban grit. Intelligence of a different kind is how he defines himself. A breath of fresh air flawlessly transitioning from vocals to strings to the acoustic
heartbeat of his guitar. 

As a Carolinas raised rapper, lyricst, vocalist, musical talent of a different kind, he finds himself in a lane of his own.  With inspiration drawn from mainstream  artists such as Adele, One Repulic, J Cole, Miguel, Frank Ocean, and Tool to old school classics like Bill withers , Jimmy Hendrix, and Richie haven. The plethora of genres that inspire him are

One with the music and the words that flow from an insatiably creative soul he continues to evolve as an artist and an individual. His journey will be one to watch because he has yet to reach his potential and is considered
one of the next artist to emerge from south.

In 2016 Im looking to launch a boy and girls club tour while rasing money for them as well as giving guitar lessons to young aspiring singerSongwriters and teaching them the true meaning of “Intelligence of a different kind”
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