Music Memories Recaptured

Music lovers around the world will agree that music can play a big part in childhood memories.  You can hear an old song on the radio and instantly start reminiscing about where you were when that song came out and how much it meant to you at that time. A song can hold precious memories for a lot of us and for one particular cab driver, one simple but difficult to find song holds one of the most precious memories of all- a memory of his late mother.

A man in South Africa had spent many years trying to find a Taiwanese song that he used to play during his childhood.  While living in Congo, he had fallen in love with the song while hearing it in a grocery store along with his mother.  When his mother asked the store manager what the song was, the manager graciously gave her the cassette to give to her son.

He went on to play this cassette all through his childhood until he lost it between moving from Congo to South Africa.  Unfortunately, his mother died soon after.  He never knew the name of the song and was saddened to be unable to find the song for himself, especially since it held such a precious memory of his mother.  Later as a cab driver he spent years singing it to Asian passengers in hopes that someone would be able to identify the song.  One night, after twenty years of persistence, he picked up a Taiwanese couple and hummed the song to them.  They recognized the song, found it and played it for him.  Watch his emotional response in the video below and be reminded of how music has the power to touch lives with even just one simple song.

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