The HeART Exchange is a mentorship program that matches local artists with youth ages 8-12 years old in underserved communities.

Launching in Philadelphia Fall 2018

Latest News

We produced the first ever Artist Give Back Day which gave over 100 underserved youth in Philadelphia FREE arts instruction in the area of visual arts, photography, dance, acting, and music. We’re still getting amazing testimonials from students and parents! One of the objectives of this day was to gather interest on our long term mentorship program, Fall 2018.



The parent/guardian of a youth with creative potential applies to THX


A local artist applies to THX. If approved, they are screened, then matched with a youth


The youth is mentored by the artist once week at a HeArt Spot, a local creative and safe space in the community.


A collaborative project is produced that creatively inspires personal development and social justice in the community.

Empower youth to inspire positive social change through art, self development and civic engagement in their schools, homes, and communities.

By offering The HeArt Exchange during the hours of highest need for social support and engagement we aim to help youth from diverse cultures and social environments to deepen their understanding of themselves,  their community and the world around them. We have a vision for vital cities empowered by youth who are supported by the creative community.

The availability of quality art programs and creative outlets are being reduced everyday at schools in undeserved communities. Two-thirds of youth residing in those areas are living in poverty and have experienced physical or emotional trauma and lack healthy and consistent relationships. The lack of creative expression and outlets, combined with economic poverty, profoundly and negatively affects their self image, school performance, and their view of  community. Exposure to and participation in the arts stimulates creativity and fosters entrepreneurship, crucial skills in an economy that increasingly rewards innovation. When youth develop a healthy sense of self, they will be more connected to their community and have a desire for impact and positive change.